Call These Senators

Call the below Senators to let them know that you do not support the stimulus and tell them not to either!  Tell us what they say!  Let’s get these people on the record.  We want to know why they approve of the Government stealing from us!

Collins, Susan M. - (R – ME)

Support Stimulus?  Yes

(202) 224-2523

Snowe, Olympia J. - (R – ME)

Support Stimulus?  Yes

(202) 224-5344

Specter, Arlen - (R – PA)

Support Stimulus?  Yes

(202) 224-4254

What You Can Do

We need your help in determining which way the Senate will vote on the Stimulus Package.  It is important for us to get all of the Senators on the record as to which way they will vote.  We invite the Senators themselves to come here to set the record straight.  While many of them may not initially, we need all of you to help get the Senators on the record.

We are asking that you simply call your Senator and ask if they plan to vote for or against the Stimulus Package.  For a list of the Senators click here for a phone list of Democrats/Republicans.  As you get answers, post them on the page of the phone list and we will update the head count.

You have a chance to be the “Whip” of the Senate.  Let’s see what we can find out!

Be sure to Sign the Petition to stop the stimulus as well.

Democrats and Independents to Contact

Here is a list of the Democrat and Independent Senators to contact.  Comment as you get answers!  List below:

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GOP Senators to Contact

We want to get all of the GOP U.S. Senators on the record saying that they will not support the most currently known version of the Stimulus Package.  We need your help to do this! Please contact all of the below Senators and let us know what they say.  We will use this list to see who is going to support the “stimulus”.  Let’s burn up the phone lines!  List below:

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  • Support for Senate Stimulus Vote

    Supporting the Stimulus: Democrats: 3 Republicans: 3 Independents: 1 Against the Stimulus: Democrats: Republicans: 20 Independents: TOTAL (for/against): 7 - 20

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