GOP Senators to Contact

We want to get all of the GOP U.S. Senators on the record saying that they will not support the most currently known version of the Stimulus Package.  We need your help to do this! Please contact all of the below Senators and let us know what they say.  We will use this list to see who is going to support the “stimulus”.  Let’s burn up the phone lines!  List below:

Alexander, Lamar – (R – TN)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-4944

Barrasso, John – (R – WY)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-6441

Bennett, Robert F. – (R – UT)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-5444

Bond, Christopher S. – (R – MO)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-5721

Brownback, Sam – (R – KS)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-6521

Bunning, Jim – (R – KY)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-4343

Burr, Richard – (R – NC)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-3154

Chambliss, Saxby – (R – GA)

Support Stimulus? No

(202) 224-3521

Coburn, Tom – (R – OK)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-5754

Cochran, Thad – (R – MS)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-5054

Collins, Susan M. – (R – ME)

Support Stimulus?  Yes

(202) 224-2523

Corker, Bob – (R – TN)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-3344

Cornyn, John – (R – TX)

Support Stimulus? No

(202) 224-2934

Crapo, Mike – (R – ID)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-6142

DeMint, Jim – (R – SC)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-6121

Ensign, John – (R – NV)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-6244

Enzi, Michael B. – (R – WY)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-3424

Graham, Lindsey – (R – SC)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-5972

Grassley, Chuck – (R – IA)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-3744

Gregg, Judd – (R – NH)

Support Stimulus?  Not Voting

(202) 224-3324

Hatch, Orrin G. – (R – UT)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-5251

Hutchison, Kay Bailey – (R – TX)

Support Stimulus?  Undecided, apply pressure

(202) 224-5922

Inhofe, James M. – (R – OK)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-4721

Isakson, Johnny – (R – GA)

Support Stimulus?  Undecided, apply pressure

(202) 224-3643

Johanns, Mike – (R – NE)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-4224

Kyl, Jon – (R – AZ)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-4521

Lugar, Richard G. – (R – IN)

Support Stimulus?  Undecided, apply pressure

(202) 224-4814

Martinez, Mel – (R – FL)

Support Stimulus?  Undecided, apply pressure

(202) 224-3041

McCain, John – (R – AZ)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-2235

McConnell, Mitch – (R – KY)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-2541

Murkowski, Lisa – (R – AK)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-6665

Risch, James E. – (R – ID)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-2752

Roberts, Pat – (R – KS)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-4774

Sessions, Jeff – (R – AL)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-4124

Shelby, Richard C. – (R – AL)

Support Stimulus? No

(202) 224-5744

Snowe, Olympia J. – (R – ME)

Support Stimulus?  Yes

(202) 224-5344

Specter, Arlen – (R – PA)

Support Stimulus?  Yes

(202) 224-4254

Thune, John – (R – SD)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-2321

Vitter, David – (R – LA)

Support Stimulus?  No

(202) 224-4623

Voinovich, George V. – (R – OH)

Support Stimulus? No

(202) 224-3353

Wicker, Roger F. – (R – MS)

Support Stimulus?

(202) 224-6253





  1. […] about this terrible bill and urge them to vote against the Stimulus Package. Click on Democrats/Republicans for a phone list of U.S. […]

  2. According to his staffer on the telephone (on February 2, 2009), Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) is AGAINST the stimulus package.

  3. I called Senator SAXBY CHAMBLISS’s office this morning, 2/2/09, I asked “What is his stance on the stimulus bill?” The answer was “Well, right now we do not know how Senator Chambliss is going to vote…It depends on what the Bill looks like before it goes to the floor.”
    GUESS WHAT, I do not find this an acceptable answer! This so called stimulus bill is nothing more than a PAYBACK to all of Mr. Obama’s PAC commities! There is not ONE single thing in this bill that is STIMULATIVE. IT SHOULD NOT PASS.

  4. At 4:17 pm EST the office of Senator Saxby Chambliss is STILL undecided about the stimulus bill. His staffers are still excusing his indecisiveness with the fact that the bill has not yet reached the Senate.

    I encouraged him not to support it.

    I think we should tell him to help lead the fight to vote it down.

  5. According to his staffer on the telephone (on February 2, 2009), Senator Martinez (R-Florida) was undecided.

  6. At 9:15am I began calling these senators about the Stimulus plan. I have contacted 12 senators at this time. 7 of them are waffling! No decision on their vote!! Still working on it. How very unacceptable!! How frightening that we have such indecisiveness in our government!! They are not putting the people first they are putting thier own advancement first! Riding the fence for what purpose? They all need to take a stand! this package is not acceptabe in any form!!

  7. What 12 have you contacted? What 7 are waffling? We need to put pressure on those 7!

  8. The 7 are Barrasso (WY) voted no in past but has not stated any opinion now, Bunnining (KY)Has not stated opinion assumes he will vote no, Cochran (MS) working on it no stated decision, Collins (ME), working on it… no decision, Crapo (ID), would imagine he will vote no., Ensign (NV) has been speaking out against but has not decided yes or no, Brownback (KS) no in current form working on it.

  9. Thanks Debra!

  10. Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) is planning on voting NO, as of phone call about 2pm today.

  11. I have called Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions of Alabama and both have stated that they are against the stimulus package!!!!

  12. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa – has not taken a public stance on the stimulus bill according to a D.C. staffer. I find it interesting that on his website – he writes to Iowans about the stimulus in detail – how it came to be – how it wsa constructed – who participated and how each side views it.

    In the middle of the detail he says this: “I support many of the provisions that are in the Finance Committee bill. But I have to ask: will it stimulate our economy and is it money that we should add to the deficit rather than offsetting it?”

    Yet – he does not even answer his own question. If we as taxpayers have to make those tough decisions about our personal budgets – why is our government not leading the way and cutting back instead of spending more?

  13. I contacted Senator Saxby Chambliss’s office again today and told the staffer who answered the phone that I want the Senator to vote against the stimulus bill. I made him promise to tell the Senator what I said.

    Please put pressure on Senator Chambliss (especially you Georgia folks) to vote NO on this bill.

  14. I heard Senator Tom Coburn on the Mike Gallagher show this morning speak strongly against the stimulus bill. Has anyone from his district called his office? I think he’s against it. He said that it represented a theft against those who are currently young because the young today will be paying for it for decades.

  15. I called Senator Saxby Chambliss’s office this morning at 8:00am. I got the “he is still undecided” answer. I am tired of getting that answer everytime I call his office on every bill. I am beginning to wonder if the staffer who answers the phone even bothers to tell the Senator what the people calling say.

  16. I called Senator Saxby Chambliss’s office again today. STILL SITTING on the fence!!!!! What is the problem. He has a very SHORT MEMORY. He was in a RUN-OFF for his current seat in the Senate because he voted for the first bailout. HE RAN on the PROMISE that he would not support another bailout…….NEVER, well, I find myself shaking my head asking “Where is your character Saxby? Is your word worth anything?”. Anyone out there that still has ANY conservative values left NEEDS to CALL SAXBY CHAMBLISS’S office and explain to him that when he BOAST about being a fiscal conservative…he needs to PROVE IT by HIS ACTIONS

  17. I’ve been calling Senator Specter’s office (PA) asking him NOT to support the stimulus bill. They told me today that he is planning to support the bill “provided that the programs in the bill will do more to stimulate the economy”. What a cop-out! I explained to the staff member on the phone that since the vast majority of programs to receive funding in this massive funding bill DO NOT stimulate the economy, his answer *should* be that he will NOT support this bill. Please people, continue to call Senator Specter in Pennsylvania and urge him not to support the bill! (202) 224-4254

  18. I have contacted Sen. Enzi of Wy. his staffer says she does not know how he plans to vote. He has opposed previously, and is leaning against but has not decided. Wow what a non answer! I also contacted Sen. Grassly of IA. He also is not decided. Contacted Sen. Graham of SC. He is a No and is currently working with Sen McCain and other republicans to write another bill at half the cost and more directed to true infrastructure.

  19. Senator Chambliss currently speaking on Senate floor about amendments to the bill. He has emphasized increased defense spending (of which there is currently none in the bill) and tax cuts on corporations (which are the ONLY thing that will help the economy IMMEDIATELY).

  20. I called Senator Judd Gregg’s office (NH) and his staffer said she did not know how he planned to vote, but she took my name and asked for my address and said she would give him the message. Considering he has been nominated for Secretary of Commerce cabinet post, I’m betting he goes along.

  21. […] against the Stimulus Package.  For a list of the Senators click here for a phone list of Democrats/Republicans.  As you get answers, post them on the page of the phone list and we will update the head […]

  22. I made a few calls:

    Senator Bond will vote against the stimulus package.

    Both Senator McCaskill and Senator Martinez had no one answering the phone, and their voicemails were full so I was unable to leave a message. I wonder how accidental this is…

  23. I spoke with David Vitter (R-LA) office. He is voting NO to the stimulus package.

  24. I spoke with Senator Chambliss office today at 11:00a.m. His office said he would not vote for the stimulus bill IF it is this expensive. He wants more money for the Military, BUT..what is too expensive? This Bill must NOT PASS in it’s present form!!! They NEED to SCRAP this ENTIRE PAY BACK PLAN, and start over with a MEW BILL that will actually stimulate the economy. Come on Georgian’s PULL TOGETHER and STAND UP for CONSERVATIVE FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY!! Do the right thing for your Country and for your children’s future.

  25. Called Lugar’s office and said “Reject this and any other stimulus-type bills”. She said thanks and she’d get it to the Senator.

    We Shall See. I am NOT happy with Dick Lugar. At all.

  26. I contacted my Senator, John Ensign, who has never let me down. True to form, he is not supporting the stimulus package. I don’t think there’s any need to contact Reid. I think we all know where he stands. Maybe I’ll contact his office just to bug them anyway…

  27. According to his staffer on the phone, Senator Lamar Alexander opposes the current version of the stimulus package.

  28. According to his staffer on the phone, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn) opposes the stimulus package in its current form.

  29. I tried calling both senators Kyle and McCain and their voice boxes are full. Though I did e-mail Kyle and plan on e-mailing McCain also. It’s great that we are calling all of the Republican Senators, but we also need to be calling the Democrat Senators to let them know how wrong they are to be spending money that isn’t theirs to spend when the majority of the American people are against this outrageous approprations bill, because that’s what it has become, not an effective stimulus bill.

  30. Martinez, FL – undecided still but time is running out to do anything else
    Snowe, ME – undecided still but she is active in fixing it with a Dem

  31. Feb 6, 1:10 ET

    I just spoke with Johnny Isakson’s office (R-GA). They said he has not yet decided, but that “if it is still a bad bill at the end of the day, he will vote it down.”

  32. Hutchison, TX – her staffer said hesitantly that she has been against the stimulus “so far.” She may be wavering, as she has a tendency to seek the middle of the road, no matter how bad that might be.

  33. Gregg (NH) is not voting for or against the stimulus because of the conflict of interest as he is the pick for Commerce. He has not voted on any of the amendments for this bill. This is good in the sense that he will not vote for cloture, which requires 40 votes.

  34. looks pretty clear that McCain won’t vote for anything close to the current form of the bill

  35. THANK YOU SENATOR CHAMBLISS. But now we MUST CALL the offices of the 3 Senators…2 from Maine and 1 from New Hampshire, and URGE THEM to do THE RIGHT THING… is for our childrens sake! COME TOGETHER CONSERVATIVES. We are STEALING the FUTURE of SEVERAL GENERATIONS TO COME…EVERY PERSON reading this message CALL NOW..They are voting on SUNDAY, and Mr Obama Is TRAVELING AROUND on OUR DOLLAR SELLING THIS PIECE OF ENSLAVEMENT LEGISLATION as we speak… IS ENSLAVEMENT, We, our children, and our grandchildren WILL BE ENSLAVED TO OUR DEBTORS. And believe me!!! the Countries we are BORROWING THIS MONEY FROM WILL COME COLLECT ON “THE BALANCE DUE” at any cost to ALL American’s.

  36. Hi, I am from Louisiana. David Vitter is definitely against this bill. The problem is Mary Landreiu spoke on tv last night. She is a democrat and will more than likely vote for it. She has not returned any of my e-mails.

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    Supporting the Stimulus: Democrats: 3 Republicans: 3 Independents: 1 Against the Stimulus: Democrats: Republicans: 20 Independents: TOTAL (for/against): 7 - 20